Water Impellers/Turbojet Impellers

Why is balancing of Water Impellers/Turbojet Impellers necessary?

Balancing is the procedure by which the mass distribution of a rotor is studied and, if anything necessary is found, it has to be adjusted to ensure that the vibration of the journals and/or forces on the bearings at a frequency corresponding to service speed are within specified limits. In practical terms, balancing corrects unbalance of impellers which otherwise can cause damage to the bearings.

Each and every water impeller/turbojet impeller that passes through this machine/operation is balanced because impellers  are rotating machines. Balancing of these impellers prevents vibration, improves the performance of these impellers, increases the mean time between maintenance of impellers, avoids deflection and prevents shaft breakage and bearing seal problems of these water/turbojet impellers.

Water Impeller Balancing
Turbojet Water Impeller Balancing
Suction Impeller Balancing
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